At Waypost Survival we believe survival is about more than just wilderness survival skills. Survival is about being prepared, and having the knowledge, to survive any challenging situation. Preferably in as much comfort as possible. Survival situations are on a gradient and range from having to go it alone following a disaster with no lifeline utilities such as power or water to getting caught out in the wilderness with nothing but your wits to rely on.

Waypost Survival provides you with the tools to approach any challenging situation with knowledge and confidence. Whether you need to know how to disaster proof your home or how to shelter from the elements in the great outdoors, Waypost has the know-how. We customize your survival experience based on your interest.

We started this business as we see there is a real need for people to understand survival situations.  It is surprisingly common to find yourself in a survival situation. People are met with unexpected circumstances all the time. A car breakdown, getting lost or injured in the great outdoors, natural disasters like floods or earthquakes, any of these circumstances could place you in a survival situation.

Survival Training Instructor - Simon

Being prepared is something we highly recommend, but in many situations you may find yourself without your gear and you become your own best resource. Having knowledge and skills may make the difference between life and death.  At Waypost Survival we can teach you knowledge and skills that will not only help you in extreme survival situations, but also enhance the quality of your everyday life.

The beautiful Hawke’s Bay provide the perfect environment for a wide range of survival and tourism activities. From guided bush walks, edible food trails to guided hunting trips, we can accommodate your interest. Whether you want to stroll on well laid out paths or access isolated spots of the beaten track joining us in some of New Zealand’s most amazing places will be an unforgettable experience.