Guided Hunting

New Zealand’s flora and fauna is exceptional and includes some of the most amazing scenery on earth. This unique and diverse environment assures that hunting is always an interesting experience. Waypost Survival guided hunting trips are exclusively personalised just for you. Depending on your choice of weapon, game and budget, each trip will be designed to meet your needs. There are many stunning locations in the North Island where your guided hunting trip can take place.

Your hunting guide, Simon is a keen and passionate hunter who has hunted all over New Zealand and has an intimate knowledge of the New Zealand bush. He hunts with both guns and bows, knows many trap and sneer settings, uses a speargun while scuba diving and even has been known to fish occasionally.

Simon gives hunters the unique opportunity to incorporate tracking and hunting skills during their guided hunt. There is many a time when hunting game that a hunter may get caught out in the wild in challenging conditions away from their established campsite. Waypost Survival gives the hunter the skills that would make this situation a non-life threatening situation and even an enjoyable experience.

We also incorporate basic tracking and hunting skills specifically for the NZ bush environment for large game such as deer and goats and small game like possums, rabbits, pheasant and turkey. Simon can show you a wide range of traps and sneers.

If you’d rather not rough it in the bush overnight, accommodation can be arranged. Depending on your budget we can organise hut or lodge stays. Access to the hunting area may be on foot, by vehicle or helicopter. All guided hunting trips focus on enjoyment, safety and success. Whatever your choices for your personalised guided hunting experience, you can be assured that it will be an incredible experience in stunning scenery with a real sense of adventure.