Homesteading and prepping

Not all survival situations are remote and extreme survival. At Waypost Survival we believe the skills you learn in your own backyard or on your homestead, will not only enable you to survive many possible situations (e.g. natural disaster, economic collapse, lifeline utilities breakdown) in relative comfort, but also give you the confidence and adaptability to cope better with remote and extreme survival situations. Getting back to land basics and developing self-sufficiency skills is becoming more critical with each passing day. Homesteading and prepping is no longer only for the paranoid!

There are many reasons why we believe it is important for people to develop self-sufficiency skills. The poor nutritional quality and safety concerns of food today mean that growing your own is not only cheaper, it is healthier. The future of the world as we know it is uncertain at best. Any of us could suddenly be exposed to lifeline utilities breakdown, economic collapse, natural disaster or job loss. Homesteading skills gives you the confidence and knowledge that you will be able to look after yourself and your family in an adverse event.

Homesteading - Keeping Chickens

Homesteading and prepping includes anything from simply growing your own vegetables to raising and processing your own meat. Utilising renewable power, having a water source and having basic DYI skills are all important aspects of homesteading. Homesteading practices are sustainable and ecologically sound, which fully respect the miracles of nature.

Getting back to basics homesteading does not mean you have to be on a large block of land. There are ample techniques for self-sufficiency in small spaces. So whether you are concerned for the future or you simply like the idea of intimately knowing the food you are feeding your family, homesteading is a wonderful way to make sure all your bases are covered. Waypost Survival is constantly striving to provide you with the tools to be prepared to the best of your ability for your given situation.