Team Building

Safe but realistic survival situations are an excellent method for effective team building. With a real sense of adventure and situated in pristine and beautiful surroundings, your survival team building activities will enthral and delight. Who will take on which role in such an extreme situation? You may be surprised.

In order to get through a survival situation your team must acquire a real team spirit and work together effectively. The tasks that the team will be required to undertake will place them slightly outside their comfort zone and challenge each member as an individual, but also the team as a whole. Each individual has different strengths that are not always visible in day to day working life. These hidden talents can be more obvious during this team building activity. And if used collectively, will enhance your changes of successfully completing the survivals and challenge. It also allows other team members to recognise the different strengths and abilities of one another and getting to know these different dimensions of everyone on the team.

The survival challenges will also bring about tensions in the team. These usually occur with differences of opinion about the best strategies or methods to use. Your team will need to be able to practise conflict resolution, leadership and good interpersonal communication skills in a non-work environment. Natural leaders will come to the fore in these events and they will display good reflective listening skills and a collaborative motivation to complete the task.

Whether your team just wants to do a survival situation challenge during the day or participate in a more daunting overnight challenge, Waypost Survival can accommodate your needs. All team building activities can include divine catering from local cuisine specialists.  So why not discover the hidden talents in your team; enjoy the sense of adventure and see if you are up for the challenge!