Simon – Survival Training Instructor

Simon is an ex-Royal New Zealand Air Force Senior Survival Training Instructor. He has completed several international Air Force Combat Survival Courses as well as Survival, Evasion, Resistance & Escape Training. Simon has experienced Jungle training in Australia, Fiji and Malaysia. Alpine courses were completed in New Zealand’s beautiful national parks.

Simon worked with the Royal New Zealand Navy on Sea Survival. He has worked extensively in all New Zealand bush environments. As one of the first Senior Trainers for the RNZAF Survival Training Centre, his expertise in various survival situations was put to the test in several overseas deployments.

After leaving the Air Force, Simon followed his love of teaching and became a Primary School Principal. His other experiences in life include time as a stockman in the outback of Australia and a professional hunter in the Northern Territory of Australia.

Simon enjoys exploring the New Zealand forest, hunting and fishing, scuba diving, and small-scale farming. Simon is keen to combine his passion for survival and his passion for teaching through showing other people the way.